Tuesday, September 11, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #4...

20 chore tuesday

Here is my list for this week. I have already gotten some things done...

1. make laundry detergent
2. organize shelf in utility room
3. put pictures in photo albums
4. register with the hospital for the new baby
5. make muffins (to freeze)
6. get J's toys organized (this is an ongoing thing)
7. vacuum floors
8. go through one box from J's closet
9. put away clothes
10. cut hubby's hair
11. organize recipes
12. clear one basket on the changing table
13. clean out purse
14. go through freezer and throw out food that is out of date
15. clear off bar
16. take vitamins
17. wash load of white clothes
18. make sandwiches/wraps to keep in fridge (shop for ing. first)
19. cook veggies to keep in fridge
20. go through mops/brooms and get rid of some

I hope you decide to link up with Emily at Joyful Abode. It really is an easy way to get things done. I love the satisfaction of being able to mark things off my list.

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