Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome, Spring!!

Well, today is the first day of Spring! I'm so excited about that! Goodbye to dreary, cold winter weather...Hello to hot, happy, colorful spring days. I love the flowers and the sunshine! Being outside is so much better now (especially since the time change). I have been playing outside with J20m so much more now. He is loving it too. We have been on family walks after supper too b/c it's not dark yet. The spring/time change does so much to improve my moods. Hubby planted our garden yesterday...I will have to get pics of that soon. He planted cucumbers, tomatoes, okra and green beans! We will have a feast of veggies later on this summer! I can't wait! Nothing tastes better then homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers! I always eat better in the spring and summer (lots more fruits and veggies). I plan to eat even more now b/c I got a juicer and I have been juicing lots of things!! I have that for breakfast most mornings and sometimes for supper too! I feel great! It gives me tons of energy to get things done. I also exercise a lot more during this time too. It doesn't get dark until around 8 so it's much easier to stay outside more and that means a larger step count for me. I have been wearing my Fitbit everyday and it is really helping me to get more exercise! It makes me want to get outside and walk. Now, that it's not cold anymore, I can! Sorry for my rambling, but I am just happy right now and that's rare for me! :)

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