Saturday, August 20, 2016

Baby is here!!!!

I had my baby a few days ago amidst a giant rainstorm! We were flooded in at the hospital and my family was flooded in at home. We couldn't see each other for days! It was not too good, but I know that I was in the best place for me.

I ended up having him 2 weeks early. My blood pressure was high and so my doctor sent me to the hospital for monitoring. It didn't want to come down so I got admitted and they had to take him out 2 days later so that my bp would get better. It worked out good though because of the storm and everything. God knows what he is doing!

We had a beautiful healthy baby boy! He weighed 6lb 12oz. He seems so tiny to me cuz my other babies were both over 8lbs. We love him so much! I will be able to post some pictures of him later on...

Right now, the only thing I am focusing on is recovering from the birth and spending time with my new family. We are all so in love! :)