Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our day...

Today we had a great day so far! The kids had a playdate this morning that went really well. It was with a couple of old friends and some new friends that they had never met before. A3 dove right in and started playing, but J5 took a little convincing to go play with them (he is my shy one). They did really well though, they got along with each other and played nicely. We even got a chance to all go to the park and run around. My kids love the park, but they rarely get to play at one. They had the best time! I was nervous about them getting along with all the kids, but they surprised me with how good they all were. Woohoo! I love when things like that work out. that we are home, the kids are chilling out with a movie and I am doing a little bit of housework. I have clothes to wash and I have to figure out supper, but that shouldn't take long. Other then that I am probably just gonna work on getting some more steps on my Fitbit and then doing some resting. The baby takes a lot out of me nowadays...haha!

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