Saturday, May 28, 2016

Prep time!

I was on my feet all this morning just getting things done. I guess I have been nesting since I am 27 weeks pregnant now!! It's going by so very fast!!! 

Anyway...I have been trying to get more organized and stay on top of things. Eapecially things like food prep. I hate when it's the end of the day and we have nothing to eat because I was too tired (or some days just too lazy) to actually get up and cook. Also, I have children who seem to need to eat all day long and I have to constantly get up and try to fix them snacks.

Well, I recently got smart and started up a "snack drawer" for them so that they can just help themselves. It's full of only healthy things that I am more then happy to let them have what they want. I have one in the fridge and one in the pantry. Here is what the fridge one consists of...

I get all my produce home and wash it in vinegar water to get it all ready to go for them.  We got lots of grapes cuz they love them!

Also, grape tomatoes and strawberries! They almost ate all the strawberries before I could package them up. Haha

And I got apples and pears. I'm glad they eat them just like this so I don't have to cut them up and worry about browning. 

This should make our days go so much smoother. And make them just a little more independent and excited about getting their own snacks. :)

What do you do to prep your kids snacks?