Friday, September 11, 2015

My day with A and her fever....

Today has been super busy...

The kids woke up later then usual b/c of the thunderstorm. It's always nice to sleep during a thunderstorm to me and now I guess the kids think so too b/c they didn't wake up until an hour later this morning. Then I fed them breakfast and sat down to check my e-mail. I noticed that my daughter was still pretty tired and cranky, but didn't think it was a big deal. About an hour later, she bumped her head and when she came to me to kiss it, I realized that she felt warm. Of course she had a temp of 99* when I took it. Why can't kids get sick on a Monday?!? It always has to be on a Friday when you can't take them to the doctor. Oh well, there isn't anything I can do about it. She isn't having any other symptoms except the fever so I'm just trying to keep it down. About an hour later her fever was up to 100.8* so I gave her some tylenol. In the mean time, I had prepped supper (making soup of course cuz that always makes you feel better when you are sick), put some bone broth on the stove to boil all day, fed the kids again, took some clothes out of the dryer, etc. I am so tired. A didn't eat too much for lunch, but she ate some. I had decided to order myself some pizza and pasta cuz I was just to lazy to fix myself anything and when I am stressed out I want to eat. When the pizza arrived A was excited about it. She ate a small slice and a half of pizza so at least she's still eating. Her only other symptom really is that she is tired. I hope she rests well during nap. They are going to get up in a minute. Then I am going to have to do some homeschooling with J. I'm glad that he is enjoying it and doesn't fuss with me about it. I don't think I could handle this homeschooling thing if he didn't like it. After doing school work we are probably going to pop in a movie and rest until my hubby gets home from work. It needs to be a restful afternoon.

Sorry that I am just rambling, but I can't really seem to make a coherent thought today. My brain is just going a mile a minute about everything. I think that I need some time to rest with the kids too. haha

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