Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Canning Satsumas

Every year my family and I try to think of different ways to use the massive amount of satsumas we get from my dad's tree. Usually we eat all we can and just juice the rest or my mom makes satsuma marmalade. This year she found a recipe to can them.

It took us ALL DAY LONG! First you have to peel them and use a knife to scrape all the pith off. If you leave it then your satsumas will be bitter. That step takes the longest. 

Then mom made a extra light simple syrup to pour over them and she processed the jars in the water bath canner for 10 min. 

We ended up with 14 quart size jars. We did 2 batches today. We will probably do more later on when we have some more time. 

When we were all done, mom researched different ways to use the orange peels because we didn't want to waste anything. So we are soaking them in vinegar to make a concentrate that will become a house cleaner. I also put some peels in my vodka to flavor it. ;) Our hands will smell like orange for a week!! Haha

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