Sunday, April 27, 2014

There is some light here...

The past couple days have been a little better. At night (and all during the day) I just think about things that I actually did and not just things that I still have to do. It has been helping me to see that I actually do do enough things around here and I am not a failure at life. I can't do it all b/c we all know there isn't enough hours in the day. No one can do it all. I need to just remember things like that. I am not alone. We are all trying to accomplish the same things, but we just go about it in different ways. No one is perfect. We are all just trying to make a happy, well rounded family the best way we know how.

Focus on the positive.
Focus on gratitude.
Focus on my family.
Focus on the positive.
Focus on the positive.

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