Monday, March 4, 2013

Art work

My hubby is home sick and both him and A2m are sleeping so I'm finally able to spend some fun time with J2.5. We haven't done any art work in a long time (other then him just coloring on his own) so I broke out the paints. I am cooking chicken soup for supper and when I chopped the end of the celery off it gave me the idea to use it as a stamp. :) He had fun making the prints but got bored with it pretty quickly. He also doesn't like to be dirty so he was a little more worried about the paint he got on his hands then actually printing with the celery. Haha. He made several papers and was very proud of them. We are gonna have to try and do things like this more often. I love art and would live for my children to love it too (it's ok if they don't though).


Qubool Hai By Zee tv said...

Nice blogger

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I found some pictures of my older girls painting. Like you, I started them early! What a great idea to use a celery base as a stamper. Clever mom!