Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tired (SOC 1/22/13)

I am just sitting in my living room, in the dark holding my baby girl. She is having a rough time trying to sleep but I know she is tired. She had an awesome day/night yesterday. She slept without grunting and waking herself up over and over. This morning she seems kinda gassy and maybe her tummy is upset...I don't know. It's so hard to tell sometimes but I just do the best I can to keep her comfortable...even if I have to hold her. She is spoiled to me already (even though they say you can't spoil a baby). She is so content when she lays on me. My hubby even has to hold one of my shirts near her sometimes when he is trying to settle her down. She just loves her mommy. It makes sense though because she is here with me all the time and no one else. I think she is finally sleeping. I will have to try and put her down soon because J2 is gonna wake up and want some breakfast.

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