Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #16

20 chore tuesday

My list for the week...

1. go through box of girl clothes (wash them)
2. finish Christmas shopping
3. organize pot cabinet
4. put pics in photo albums (I have to do this...)
5. water plants
6. make a trip to Goodwill
7. print Christmas color sheets
8. change J2's sheets
9. pack bag for hospital
10. wash batch of clothes
11. wash batch of clothes
12. wash batch of clothes
13. send Christmas gift to my friend
14. drink water
15. relax with feet up
16. do some knitting
17. change our sheets
18. wash sheets
19. fold clothes
20. put away clothes
21. clean out J2's old diaper bags
22. start wrapping gifts

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