Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #14

20 chore tuesday

I have been getting so much done lately that there isn't much on my list, but I will see what I can do that is extra...

My list:

1. drink lots of water
2. wash dresses
3. fold batch of clothes
4. put away clothes (hanging and folded)
5. make sweet potato casserole in crock pot for hubby's work tomorrow
6. take vitamins
7. change sheets on bed
8. make supper (casserole out of leftovers)
9. "Yarn  over" night tonight
10. keep knitting on hats
11. read "Thanksgiving" book
12. get some dishes done
13. watch last night's episode of "How I met your mother"
14. puzzles with J2
15. put up Christmas stuff (on Friday)
16. do some art journaling
17. bring things I gave away to Goodwill
18. Dr. appt tomorrow morning (baby checkup)
19. get a haircut (don't know if this will happen, but I really need one)
20. rest and relax


Henni said...

Wow, you've been getting so much done that you had to resort to "extras"?!?! Go you! That's so awesome! :-) I think you totally deserve no. 20 on your list!
Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I totally wish that I could have a list as fun and relaxing as yours (although I used to when I was pregnant as well) . Good luck getting it done :)

romanysoul said...

Lol....good luck with that list, great you're getting to cross some things off.x