Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rambling about my morning... (SOC #8)

I am just sitting here listening to music this morning. J2 loves having loud, fast paced music to dance to. It's so cute watching him wiggle. haha We are not going to church this morning...just taking a little break from it this week, but we will be back there next week. I am going to help my mom cook lunch for everyone though. We all spend time together on Sunday. I will probably spend the day knitting on my new hat after lunch. I started making those slouchy hats and I finished my first one last week. It is blue and purple. I am excited to make more!! The one I started yesterday is pink. I love the color. I also bought some bulky yarn in all colors to make one, but my mom will have to help me with that one. It is starting to get cold outside so I feel like knitting/crocheting all the time. It's just that time of the year again! I also found a pattern for a scarf that I love. It is crocheted. I am gonna get working on that one as soon as my hats are done. I love this time of year when it isn't too cold yet. Autumn is just starting and the leaves start falling. My mind starts wandering to sweaters, hot chocolate, scarves, casseroles, arm warmers, stews, the holidays, boots, etc. This year will be more exciting though because we are going to have another little baby in the family. We won't be able to be busy this year or really plan anything, but I'm glad. Sometimes we all need to just slow down and enjoy things little by little, day by day and not rush through the holidays. Don't you agree?

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