Tuesday, October 9, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #8

If I can get off this computer and get started with my list that would be very beneficial to me. I figured I should start with writing this blog post because it is one of the things on my list...then I could get off the computer. As you can see I am procrastinating...I do this all the time with every thing! It's ridiculous! Oh well, it's just something I will have to push through, if I can make myself. haha

20 chore tuesday

Here is my list for this week:

1. put away clothes from last week
2. empty dishwasher
3. refill dishwasher (I ended up just washing them by hand)
4. knit swatch for hat
5. take vitamin
6. wash a batch of colored clothes
7. fold clothes
8. wash sheets
9. go through movies to get rid of some
10. print out recipes from computer
11. clean both potty chairs
12. switch out J2's toys
13. go through appliances to get rid of some
14. write 20 chore Tuesday blog post
15. start reading a book
16. make something (banana bread or pancakes)
17. put away clothes after I wash them
18. art work with J2
19. go for a walk
20. rest and relax a little
BONUS: -drink lots of water!!!!
-watch new episodes of How I Met your Mother

This list is very do-able. I just have to find some motivation somewhere! Who is gonna join with us this week and make their own list?

*Update: I am proud of myself this week. I actually accomplished most of the things on my list (except the rest and relax part of course). I was very tired yesterday after I did all my chores. I'm gonna have another busy day as well to finish it all, but I can do it.


Terry said...

Love the picture. I want it. Send it to me when u can.

Emily @ Joyful Abode said...

i'm a big procrastinator too. it sucks.

Nasreen said...

I know you posted on my blog about wanting to freeze more meals.... saw you were making pancakes. Have you tried freezing them? I make extra, freeze them on a cookie sheet then bag them. In the morning I can heat them up and give them to the toddler to keep her busy if the baby is fussy. Good luck!

The Artist In Me said...

Love that you were able to accomplish almost all the things on your list Apple! I am working overtime to make sure that I get the goals that I pen down achieved. I am working on a monthly schedule, being mindful of weekly tasks needed to accomplish the goals I set for the month!

Thanks for the motivation!

Unknown said...


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:) Take care!