Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #7

20 Chore Tuesday is here again. I have been keeping on top of the cleaning lately so I don't have many chores this week so I have another "cheat" list for y'all. It's still things that have to get done, but they aren't things that are majorly important.

20 chore tuesday

Here is my list:
1. put pictures in photo albums
2. take vitamins/give J2 his vitamin
3. clean toilets
4. change out scentsy warmers scents
5. switch out J2's toys for newer ones
6. focus on potty training
7. cook supper (had leftovers will do this tomorrow)
8. rest and relax
9. knit more washcloths slouchy hat
10. make hubby sandwiches for work
11. go through 1 box in J2's closet (can't you tell I keep putting this one off...has to get done this week)
12. walk outside today
13. blog about 20 chore Tuesday
14. go to library
15. wash clothes
16. fold clothes
17. make time to finish reading my book
18. work in art journal
19. put away clothes
20. take a shower

Check out Emily's post at Joyful Abode. Don't forget to link up with her as we all try to get more things done on our lists.


The Artist In Me said...

Hi Apple!

I am loving the 20 chore list. I need to take the time to just sit and write out a chore list for the day. Perhaps I could do it the night before! I will try it this evening and post on how it goes!

Here's to crossing things off the list!!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a nice, laid back 20 Chore Tuesday :) Good luck getting it done!

Henni said...

Hi Apple!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today! Yes, I did end up having more energy than expected!
I love no.2 on your list... I always have to remind myself to do that... the past couple of days it's been ok, but I have gone weeks where I simply forgot... oops...

I hope, you had a successful 20 Chore Tuesday today!


P.S.: I just discovered that our babies are due not too far apart - hope you are feeling good and enjoying the growing belly!