Tuesday, October 30, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #11

20 chore tuesday

I got a lot of things done last week that weren't on my list. I guess I was nesting a little more then I thought I would. Haha I am just making a general list of things to get done this week. If I do more (that isn't listed) then great, if I don't finish the list then great. I am not putting any pressure on myself or I won't get ANYTHING done! LOL

Here is my list:

1. wash load of colored clothes
2. wash load of colored clothes
3. fold clothes
4. put away clothes
5. organize one basket on changing table (I did the whole top shelf)
6. check through fridge for spoiled food
7. cook supper
8. work in my art journal (it's been a couple weeks)
9. drink water
10. clean potty chairs
11. kick counts
12. shop for a few things
13. go through art room and get rid of some things
14. run pillows through hot dryer
15. try on J2s costume for Halloween
16. art work with J2
17. mop kitchen floor
18. rest and relax
19. start reading a book
20. go to bed earlier


Ramblingstump said...

Clean potty chairs. Definitely not something I ever look forward to. Good luck- we've been happy to not have to do this one since the "big girl potty" has become popular!

Sarah said...

It looks like you have an active list today! good luck getting it all done.

Nicole said...

So I'm curious about your item "run pillows through hot dryer" is that supposed to kill icky pillow things? Enquiring minds want to know. :)