Tuesday, October 23, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #10...resting edition!

I did so many things yesterday that I am officially making today a "rest" day...not that that is really possible, but I will try. :) I have to rest for this little girl that is growing inside of my belly. She doesn't need me all stressed and tired. I need to remember that in order to take care of my family properly, I need to take care of myself first sometimes.

20 chore tuesday

So here is my list for today/this week:

1. take a shower
2. read books to J2
3. wash my dresses
4. hang up my dresses to dry
5. breathe
6. focus on reinforcing J2's discipline
7. make smoothies for breakfast
8. go through one cabinet in the kitchen
9. go to knit night with mom tonight
10. flat iron hair (changed my mind...it looks good curly)
11. drink water
12. clean out fridge (see what we can have for supper)
13. pray
14. get some exercise in somehow
15. focus on J2's potty training
16. drink water
17. eat something healthy
18. relax with Netflix while J2 is napping
19. don't forget to breathe
20. kick counts

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