Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not a normal Sunday...Just write #13

This morning is different then normal. I actually have time to sit at my computer for a little while. I am sitting on my green exercise ball because my hips are hurting me today. I know it's the way I sleep at night and from the pregnancy. I also had leg cramps all night. That didn't make for a good night's sleep. Having time to relax a little bit this morning makes those things a little better though. I am sitting here trying to type this post and listening to my family play. We are usually rushed to get ready on Sunday mornings because of church, but not today. J2 woke up really early this morning so we are actually able to enjoy our morning instead of rushing around and stressing about  it. Today we leisurely had breakfast and we aren't even getting dressed yet. My hubby turned on some rockin' music and J2 is running around playing with his toys. I love hearing them interact and play together. It is nice. I am hoping that it stops raining soon so that we can go to church. I am not getting out in this weather if it doesn't at least slack off soon. It was almost like hurricane weather over here for a while. It's crazy!

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