Thursday, September 6, 2012

Art Room Before....

These are pictures of my art room before I did any kind of cleaning up or reorganizing. It is a super duper mess and I can't stand it! Especially my desk. It is totally hindering my want to create in there and that's not good. Once my messy desk has stopped me from creating it is time to clean it up! 

So far, my hubby got some shelves for me and put them up. I have been trying to organize those...I just need to get some book ends to hold my books up. I have also reorganized my desk. I opened up the space and moved some things around and I have been creating like crazy since I did that. I just needed to not feel so crowded. I will take more pictures when I am completely finished with the whole room! It might take a little while b/c I can't do much at one time, but it's getting there.

What is one space in your house that you need to reorganize?

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