Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #5

20 chore tuesday

Here is my list for this week! I have already gotten some things crossed off and that makes me very happy. Some of them are repeats from last week too. That's okay though because I am at least getting more things done then if I haven't written them down.

1. Register at the hospital for baby #2
2. put pictures in photo albums
3. organize shelf in utility room
4. wash the kitchen and foyer windows
5. vacuum bedrooms
6. go through 1 box from top of J2's closet
7. fold clothes
8. put away clothes
9. take muffins out of freezer
10. clear 1 basket on the changing table
11. clear off bar
12. sweep kitchen floor
13. mop kitchen floor
14. bake banana bread
15. put pictures in J2's baby book
16. do dishes
17. clean up J2's toys
18. start a knitted project
19. finish writing recipes
20. wipe down counter tops 

I hope you hop on over to Joyful Abode and link up with us! It is really motivating to get things done! :)

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Anonymous said...

Yay for crossing things off your list! What are you planning on knitting?