Saturday, September 1, 2012

Organizing....SOC #5

After having a couple of not so good days and yesterday being quite horrible, I had a really good day today! It was mainly b/c my hubby is home for the weekend and I am able to have some help with J2. I can pee in peace and do somethings for myself. That always makes the day better. I spent a while this morning starting to organize my art room. I have a crap load of art supplies (mainly paper/books) that I need to make room for. My hubby built me some shelves in here (pictures coming later) so that has helped me to begin my reorganization. I actually have place to put all of my books! It's awesome! I have a lot of things to get rid of and I am trying to be objective about I REALLY need this? That is what I have been asking myself about everything. I need to either downsize or start using my magazine collection as collage in my art work. I have already filled most of my shelves with books and I have cleared off the top of my desk. I was starting feel claustrophobic about my desk top mainly. I didn't have any room to actually work on it! It was just full of stuff! I also bought a drop cloth to attach to one of my walls so I can paint standing up if I want to. I have been having the urge to paint BIG so I think I will now be able to do that. I am far from done in here, but it is coming along. I get tired easily nowadays so I can't do much at one time. I just hope to be finished before the baby comes. Next I am tackling J's room. I need to get his room done as well, but not necessarily before the baby comes (even though I would like to). Making "to do" lists have really been helping me and my hubby to get things done around the house! I have just been taking it one thing at a time instead of looking at the big picture. If I think about it all at once then I will never get things done. Just one thing at a time...that's the motto I am keeping in my head right now.

What has your motto been lately?

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