Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's going on? (SOC #4)

It is Tuesday morning and I am still on my my computer. It's only been like half an hour, but it seems like longer. J2 is still sleeping so there is essentially nothing else for me to do right now anyway. It annoys me though b/c if I sit here too long my feet/legs start to fall asleep...mainly since this pregnancy. I guess my body is telling me I shouldn't sit here so long. Duh! I do know that...I usually sit too much in general, but I am trying to do something about that. I at least try to get up once an hour and walk around the house or something. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill a couple of times. I made a goal for myself that I would get 5,000 steps counted on my fitbit and I did it! I need to make another goal today. It's the only way that I really move more. I like to have a goal to work toward. I wish I could walk outside, but it is so hot!!! I am not usually wishing for fall so soon, but this year I am. I can't even go play outside with J2 unless we are in the pool. It is so hot for both of us. Our eczema starts acting up and we both end up itching...it's not fun. Oh well, I know it will turn colder eventually and then I will be wishing for hot weather again so I am trying to enjoy summer while I can.

I am supposed to be getting my package today! I am really excited about that. I ordered some new books for J2 about getting a new sibling. I am hoping they help him to understand a little better about what having a new baby in the house will mean. I know that he knows there is a baby in my belly, but that's about it. He does try to change his dolls diaper and cuddle with it so I know that he understands a little bit. I just thought the books would give him a better visual about the whole thing. I also ordered myself a giant moleskine journal. I can't wait to start working in it! I love getting new art supplies and playing. I have noticed (since my last couple of small journals) that I love working bigger. I guess I need more space to occupy all of my creativity! It was hard working in the smaller journals. I feel like I need space to spread out. I am in the middle of revamping my art room as well. My hubby is going to build me some floor to ceiling shelves on one wall...that should take care of the clutter that is spread all over the floor (literally). I am also wanting to either get a stand up easel or put my canvas on the wall so I can start painting standing up (and bigger). I think it would give me more room to express what I need to and painting standing it just more fun! I love that I can move around more and with bigger motions to get paint on the canvas. I will have to do before and after pictures and share them when we are done. It won't be too soon, but I would really like it done before this baby comes.

What is going on in your life right now?

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