Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SOC #3

I am really excited for today! I am 19 weeks and I have an ultrasound this morning. I love when I can go to the doctor to hear my baby's heartbeat...just to make sure everything is ok. Today though, I get to see her! I can't wait. I am hoping that she is awake and moving around. I am also hoping that the ultrasound tech is a good one! I would love to find out (and make sure) that it's a girl. I was early for my 3D ultrasound so I'm still a little skeptical about the whole "girl" thing. I don't know. We shall see this morning. I have been feeling her move a little bit everyday. I love that! It's usually when I am sitting down in the afternoon trying to relax. It's like she is reminding me that she's there. I can only feel little pokes right now, but soon my hubby will get to feel her too. I know he can't wait for that. My mom, hubby and little cousin is coming with us today. They are going to be happy to see her too. My little cousin is especially excited b/c it's a girl. We don't have many girl cousins in the family. I am just so excited!!! I have to go now. It's time for breakfast and I need to start drinking water so I can have a full bladder for my appt! haha

Tell me: what is your favorite part of pregnancy?

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