Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #1

This is my first time doing 20 Chore Tuesday. I discovered this idea via Emily at Joyful Abode. I have seen it the passed couple of weeks, but was totally intimidated by the number of things...20 just seemed like a lot to me. Well, today I figured I would give it a try and boy do I love it!! I have gotten so many things done that I normally wouldn't have.
We have recently disconnected our TV service so I needed to find more things to do throughout the day anyway. Normally I would have sat down and just watched TV all day long (I am not exaggerating) so it felt awesome to actually get some things done today. Here is my list:

20 chore tuesday

1. wash dishes

2. clear off bar in kitchen
3. wipe down all cabinets in kitchen
4. make menu and prep food for the week
5. clean washing machine
6. wash load of colored clothes
7. wash load of white clothes
8. fold laundry
9. sweep/vacuum kitchen floor (J2 helped me with this)
10. mop kitchen floor
11. clean mirrors in bathrooms
12. blog for 20 chore Tuesday
13. walk at least 20 minutes today (I was too tired from all the chores)
14. Take vitamins
15. Crochet another dishrag (do this while watching shows)
16. Finish watching shows so we can return the DVR
17. wash bed sheets (will do this tomorrow)
18. clean sink in kitchen
19. chop red bell pepper for freezer
20. Drink lots of water

I have done all of this before noon! I am very proud of myself, but I'm also very exhausted. I will definitely try to do this every week. Even if I don't get all 20 things done it will be better then what I normally would have done! I might even make little to do lists for the other days of the week as well. My hubby won't have to do as many chores around the house if I start doing some of them myself. I think this will make us all happy. :)

Here are some pics of J2 helping me sweep the floor. He loves to do this and will keep him busy for a long time!! I hope that he continues to like doing chores with us.

What things did you get done today?


Nicole said...

J2 mopping is adorable! What a nice helper. We disconnected our cable a little over a year ago and haven't looked back. I think the hardest thing for me to get used to was not having the cable box clock to look at all the time, lol. I was always wondering what time it was.

The Liebers said...

I totally think that all that work counts as walking for 20 minutes!! I'm going to check out this 20 chore Tuesday (except I work during the week, so I might move it to a Saturday).