Saturday, July 28, 2012

What you doing today? (SOC #2)

I have no idea what I will be doing today. There isn't any official plans or anything. I don't really like days like this b/c I get bored really easily. My in-laws might come over tonight for supper, but we haven't asked them yet. My hubby had to work this morning otherwise I would be out doing something right now. I might find out if my aunt and cousin are going shopping today and tag along with them. She needs school uniforms and I will take any time to go shopping...I don't care what it's for! I love to shop! My little man is sorta having breakfast right now. I think he is playing with it instead. I'm sorry this is so boring, but I just felt like writing a blog post and I didn't really have a topic in mind. So, I am just writing down the first things that come into my mind...hence the stream of consciousness! haha I don't think I will ever learn how to spell consciousness...I always have to use spell check to fix it. I did my computer stuff when I got up this morning (checking twitter, facebook and my some blogs) then I did some art work. I have been in the mood to paint big, but I never really know what to paint. I have honestly just been making backgrounds and things which works for now. My motivation is slowly coming back to me so I'm not rushing it. What are you all up to today?


The Artist In Me said...

I love this...the stream of consciousness that is! And it seems that I need to use spell check!

So glad to know that someone else is not trying to rush their art process. As long as some creating is getting done, I think that is the great thing!

Today I am getting some blogging and blog reading accomplished. I am at my office (Starbuck's). It's raining hard, but the sun is out..what a strange but beautiful sight!

PearlMountain said...

Nice "stream of consciousness". If I have nothing scheduled. I just like you, write down the first things that come into my mind. hahaha...