Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keeping house (SOC #1)

Whew! So far today I am quite tired. I have been grocery shopping this morning (thank goodness my little cousin came with me). I have also done the dishes, a ton of them and this afternoon I will be making homemade yogurt. I have been really trying to keep myself busy and do things around the house. I am a very lazy person and I am trying to do better. I know that things won't get done unless I do them. My hubby helps me out with chores and other things, but I can't always rely on him to do everything for me. I have been doing little things at a time. If I think about ALL the cleaning I have to do then I really won't do it, but if I just think "let me just sweep the kitchen floor" then I am more likely to get that done. Then the next day or that afternoon I can mop the floor. I can't think about things all at once b/c it overwhelms me and that isn't a feeling I like to have. I am going to be overwhelmed enough when my second little baby comes, I don't have to be overwhelmed about chores too. J has been enjoying helping me clean house too. He LOVES to get the mop or vacuum and move it around the floor. He also likes to help me do laundry. I am trying to teach him now that everyone helps out around the house so that maybe it won't be such a fight later? Wishful thinking, I know, but I can try...haha! Okay my time is up and I have to go put my little man down for a nap so I can make that yogurt. Bye!

What do you do to make your house cleaning/organizing easier? Do you have a cleaning schedule?

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