Saturday, July 7, 2012

All about my baby...

Remember 16 weeks ago when we found out we are pregnant? Well, last night we had a 3D ultrasound and found out that I am not 16 weeks, I am only 14 weeks. My due date is no longer around Christmas time. I am pretty happy about that. We also found out the sex of the baby. That is what I did the ultrasound for...I couldn't wait any longer to know. You wanna know too? Do ya really? Well, the font color should give it away, but IT'S A GIRL!!!! We are super excited about it! Now I will just have to try not to go crazy buying up little girl things! I think I will be able to restrain myself though because my family will probably do that enough for me! Haha I will post some ultrasound pictures as soon as I can get the CD to work in my computer.


  1. Congratulations! I pray the new addition adds more reasons to paint, draw, journal...create period!


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