Monday, May 21, 2012

I am PREGNANT with baby #2!!

Yep! That is one of my first positive tests. In total, I took 4. Yeah! I guess I really wanted to make sure. I took my first test on my birthday. Part of me didn't actually think it would be positive, but I think deep down I really knew. That's why I took it that night. I couldn't wait any longer to find out. I was only like 4 weeks when I took my first test...very early. Fast forward to today. I am 9 weeks now. I had my first doctor's appointment. It went really well. She checked everything out and said it looked good. My uterus is enlarged so that is a good sign. She couldn't hear a heartbeat though b/c it is too early...I will have to wait until my next appointment to hear the heartbeat. That's okay though b/c my hubby will be with me then so we will be able to hear it together. We are really excited about this baby! I am pretty nervous about how I will handle 2 kids, but I think my excitement has taken over (for now). I am due around Christmas! That will make me a super busy mommy at the end of this if I wouldn't have been busy enough already. Haha! Just keep us in your prayers that we have a healthy baby.


Janvi said...

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Lynda said...

Yay! Congratulations :D