Friday, April 20, 2012

It's my Birthday!!!!

Today was a good day! It is my 30th birthday and I actually went out and did something for myself today! I figured, if not today then I wouldn't ever get a chance. I left J21m with his great grandparents for a couple of hours (they LOVE watching him). I went straight to the water massage place and got a water massage. I love getting those. It is so relaxing. Then I went to Barnes and Noble just to browse. I love walking around a quiet bookstore just looking at all the brand new books. Then my hubby took me out to lunch. We had sushi. It's not something we have a lot so it was very special and oh so good! I can't believe I am in my 30's now. Hopefully this next chapter in my life will bring lots of love and happiness!!!  :)
Last weekend my mom threw me a spa party. It was just the girls and we dyed hair, did manicures, pedicures and facials. It was so much fun!! I will have to post the pics one day (when I get a chance to get them off my camera). Thank you mom for a super fun birthday party!!!  :) My hubby gave me a Ninja Blending System. I have been saying that I wanted one...he finally got it for me! I had a very crappy blender so this was definitely an upgrade. I ordered myself a Breville Juicer with all the birthday money I got. I am so excited about it. I won't get it until next week, but you can bet I will be juicing a lot after that!
What is your favorite part about your birthday?


Adam said...

I often go to barnes and noble just to walk around too.

Unknown said...

hey I know I am late...but

Happy Bday :)

Apple said...