Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just write #11 and journal pages

I am just sitting here in the quietness trying to take it all in. J was up at 7 this morning which is too early for me (at least today). I'm glad that I left him in his bed to play because he fell back asleep. Yay for more me time! So I am enjoying this quiet time on my computer, but I'm not really doing anything constructive. Just playing on Twitter and watching YouTube videos. I should be exercising or at least trying to finish the laundry, but I always put stuff like that off until later and then I usually end up not getting to it. Oh well, it will always be there for me to do. I need this quiet time in the morning. I'm listening to him toss and turn and cough a little. Every time I hear him I think, this is it...time to start my day. When he goes back to sleep though I do a little cheer in my head...5 more minutes for me!  :)


Mom's Home Run said...

I know that feeling! It's like you're on borrowed time.

Thanks for dropping by Mom's Home Run.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I remember those days. And I too find many things to occupy my time that aren't necessarily productive, but I think it is good for us sometimes.
Love your journal pages. Just so beautiful.

Tricia said...

I know that feeling - I jump a little each time she moves, thinking she is about to get up. Glad you got your morning quiet.

neeraj.p. said...

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