Monday, January 2, 2012

12 things to accomplish in 2012

I ALWAYS make resolutions, but don't normally follow through with many of them. This year WILL BE DIFFERENT!!! I WILL follow through with my resolutions (even if it takes ALL YEAR LONG to accomplish them).

1. Lose AT LEAST 10 lbs.
2. Get J17m room in order.
3. Organize my house. Mainly all the little piles of junk that annoy me.
4. Blog AT LEAST twice a week.
5. Cook better and more often. Meaning actually use a recipe to cook instead of trying to make something up.
6. Make a year round wreath to put up on my door. Probably one from Pinterest.
7. Actually take the time to do more art journaling.
8. Knit/crochet more often.
9. Keep my house cleaner then it is now. Stay on top of things.
10. Go on more "adventures" with my family. That could mean any outing (except shopping) b/c we rarely go anywhere now.
11. Keep up with printing out my pics and putting them in photo albums.
12. Run/Jog a 5K. Even if it is just me doing it at home.

What do YOU plan on accomplishing this year?

(12 things in 2012 from Baby Rabies)

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Valerie Ronin said...

I love No. 10! My family needs to go on more adventures, too. Good luck with your list!