Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 more miles gone!!

I just finished 5 miles on my spinning bike! I haven't exercised in a couple of weeks. I had let my goal slip by the wayside, but not anymore. I have approximately 74 miles to go until 2012 and I will finish every last one of them (even if it takes me up to the last minute)!!
I definitely need to add some exercise into my routine if I want to continue to lose weight. It's just not an option for me not too and I feel so much better when I move my body. I just need to stop being so lazy!!! I moved my spinning bike into the living room so that I have chances to get on it more often. I rode while J was eating breakfast right next to me in his highchair and I finished the rest of my ride while he was playing in his play yard right in front of me. It is so much easier to ride when my bike is in the living room. I have to stare at it and tell myself just to get on it, that I will feel better if I do.
I have learned that nobody else will make me exercise and eat right that I have to want it bad enough for myself!! I have to remind myself everyday that I am doing this for ME and no one else!!
I could use all the encouragement that I can get though!!!  :)

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