Monday, November 21, 2011


My little man loves to swing. I usually sing songs to him or try to catch his toes and he giggles and giggles. It's so cute!!!
I remember when I was young I loved to swing too. It felt like I was flying, like I could go anywhere on the swings. When I got older (about 6th grade) I tried to be like the "cool" kids and flip off of my swing. Needless to say (being the nerd I was) that it didn't end very well. I got scared half way through and my face got dragged through the dirt. I was a mess! If I just wouldn't have been afraid to let go it wouldn't have happened. I would have completed a flip and my mom wouldn't have had to scrub my face for a week with pink soap to get all the dirt/rocks out of my skin. I still have trouble letting go sometimes...


  1. I never liked the swing when I was little. I got on it plenty of times, but I never liked not being able to fully control the swing. I do remember the cool kids who tried to do super tricks like jump off or swing to the very top of it.

  2. I still get on the swings every chance I get... :)

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