Monday, September 5, 2011

My little cousin let me borrow her "energy" bracelet last week and it has helped least for now. I have gotten up every day on time (or at least not still feeling tired). I have cleaned out part of my art room. I have been organizing J13m's room. I am going to tackle some kitchen cabinets next. I haven't felt really tired or anything, like I usually would. I don't know if it's the bracelet itself or just the fact that when I see it I think I should be doing something, but whatever the reason is...I like it! I haven't procrastinated cleaning things like usual and I have gotten off the couch more than normal. Today I went for a walk with my aunt for over an hour. Now don't get me wrong, I was tired afterwards, but not for long. I ate lunch, rested for a little while and then started washing some clothes. I have to give the bracelet back to my little cousin soon so I think I will suck it up and spend the $35 to order me one. It seems like a high price to pay, but if it gets me to do more stuff around the house then I am all for it! :)  What motivates you to do things around the house?

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