Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Write... #1

I am just sitting here at my computer, trying to think of something to do today. We have just finished breakfast and it's early. J is playing in his play yard and letting out whines here and there. I guess his teeth are bothering him...who knows? I really wish he would just be quiet and play though. This is the only time I really get to myself (other than nap time). Will I ever get time to myself again? Then I think...what am I really doing that is so important? Playing games on FB, twittering? That's all? None of this is really important enough to spend time away from J. Time for this mommy to turn off the computer and play with him.

This is to participate in Just Write on a new blog I just found, The Extraordinary Ordinary. It is really fun to "just write" about what is going on at the moment. I will have to do this more often. You should try it too!  :)


Unknown said...

Don't you love and hate that moment at the same time? The one where you realize that the real world beckons and the computer can wait?

Thank you for sharing your words with us.

gianna said...

Amen, Sista! You spoke my heart eXACTLY!

Galit Breen said...

I know this moment, this feeling well. Good for you for heading towards your J.

And yes- alone moments really do return {or so I hear! ")}!

NLS 1993 said...

Thank you for joining me! :)

LutherLiz said...

And yet sometimes that moment doing nothing on facebook gets you through the rest of the day.