Wednesday, August 17, 2011

J is growing..

I love that smile!!

Anything that has to do with electronics is alright with him...

"What's up everybody?"
My brain is kinda scrambled tonight. I keep typing stuff over and over and keep deleting it b/c it doesn't make any sense. I just can't think...this is not good when I am trying to write a blog post.

J has been doing so many new things lately. He amazes me sometimes with what he comes up with. He is making all kinds of new sounds. Some of them even sound like real! Like "thank you" or "love you". He still calls everything "da-da" though. He definitely knows that sound! Everything is "da-da". It's so funny! He is walking all over the house and falling a lot too. Mainly b/c he tries to run and his legs can't keep up. I bought him some mega blocks today and he already knows how to put them together (with a little guidance of course). He loves to read books and to point to the pictures, only for a few minutes at a time though. He gets bored with them easily...unless there is a dog in the book. My child LOVES dogs. Every time he sees one he yells "dog dog"! It's so cute! I figured he would love animals, especially since I am allergic and he would never be able to have one. He has been playing really well by himself too. He can keep himself entertained for a long time in his play yard. We got him some outside toys too. He likes to sit on top of the slide, but he isn't too sure yet about what it is. By next spring though I won't be able to keep him off of it. He loves to be outside. He points to the door a lot when he wants to go out, but we just can't right now (at least not for very long) it's just too darn hot outside. I guess that's about it. I know this isn't very organized or anything, but I was just sorta typing what was in my head. It's what seemed to be easiest for me at the moment. I hope everyone has a good night's sleep.  :)


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cute boy ! :)

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