Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our garden...

These pictures are from about a month ago when our garden was healthier and happier. Our garden doesn't look like this now. We desperately need some rain so our garden can grow some more. Everything looks wilted now. 

More tomatoes
White seedless Grapes
Cherry tomatoes
Can you tell that I love tomatoes? I have gotten to eat a few cherry tomatoes, but no regular sized ones yet. I am hoping that it rains soon so that they can grow properly. We water everything in the morning and at night, but the sun is so hot that everything stays wilted all day. I wish I knew how to do a rain!!  :)


Unknown said...

That's amazing that you were able to have such a beautiful garden a month ago. Our growing season has barely started. I'll be sure to send all the rain we've had your way.

Apple said...

Karen: Please send us all the rain you can!! :)

Unknown said...