Tuesday, May 10, 2011


 Now if only I would remember this while I have anxiety or things like that. I usually forget and just focus on the negative stuff.
In my mind, there is a lot of negative stuff going on...body image (mainly), money troubles, in general just negative thoughts about most things. I need to make a mind shift and start focusing on the positive things in my life. I will try to remedy this. Every time I notice I'm thinking a negative thought (which will be most of the time) I will automatically change it to a positive one. That should make my days go better. Actually my days are perfectly fine, but my negativity won't let me think they are. I usually just focus on the bad stuff that happens and not the good. That is where my mind shift will come in handy. Just focusing on the positive stuff will make my day/life seem better.

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Van (Vung) said...

I guess to some extent it happens to all of us. When that happens for me, I think about how others in this world are suffering and stuff. The kids keep me busy. They drive me nuts sometimes, but at the end of the day, they are the reason why I keep smiling and thinking positively. I hope you're doing well and art is therapeutic. Thanks for sharing. Sorry if this sounds preachy. Not intended to, but the nature of the internet communication is I don't know how you're reading it. If it annoys you, just delete this. Have a great day.