Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now I'm in for it....

These are pictures from last month. He has been trying to crawl for awhile now. All he would do is crawl backwards. It was so cute! Whenever he would try to crawl forward he would move one arm and then fall on his belly.

TODAY HE CRAWLED!!!!!! I am so excited!! It was like all of a sudden he just knew what to do. It is so cute!!! My little man is growing up so fast! Yesterday was the first time he waved bye-bye! He learns at least one knew thing a week. Last week he learned how to pull himself to standing! (I can thank his daddy for showing him that)! :) I am definitely going to have to finish child proofing my house now. I put the locks on the cabinets and the foam corners on the coffee table. All I have left to do is put the plug covers in and later the toilet lock on. If I am forgetting anything please let me know.

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