Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's my choice!!

I have been doing so good this passed week. At the beginning of the week I realized that I don't get anything done around the house because I watch TV. I watch WAY too much tv. That is not a good thing!!! I just sit around all day doing nothing. I don't exercise, do housework, play with J...NOTHING!! That is depressing to me. It's depressing to be bored all day and sit around and do nothing (other than eat...a lot...b/c I'm bored)!! So, on Tuesday, when I got out of bed for the day, I decided not to turn on the tv. I said I am just not going to touch the remote and GUESS WHAT?...I got stuff done. I did the dishes, I played with my baby, I washed clothes and I even exercised. I felt so much better about myself that day! I felt productive and happy! I wasn't a couch potato just sitting down eating and getting fatter and ignoring everything. I actually did things that helped my hubby, my baby and myself and it felt great!!
I have been trying to feel better lately. It's cold outside and I can't go anywhere. I feel trapped and cooped up in my house. I need to get back on track with some of my hobbies (reading, art journaling, knitting, crochet, etc.) so I won't be so bored all the time. It is very, very easy for me to fall back into old habits and be depressed and not move. I need to MAKE AN EFFORT not too. I need to make an effort to get up everyday and CHOOSE to be happy and get stuff done!!! It's easier for me to choose to do nothing and just watch tv all day, but that does absolutely nothing for my life. It just makes it worse. It makes me super depressed and bored and upset. That in turn makes everyone else around me miserable. So, as much as I can, I will CHOOSE to be happy, I will CHOOSE to get stuff done, I will CHOOSE to exercise b/c it's better for me. It's better for my family. I will do the best I can to be my best self...and you should too!!! You only live ONE LIFE...make the best of it!!!!  :)


Retro Girl said...

Totally understand, when I was home and not working, I had times like that. I still have a day like that here and there. It's hard to push yourself sometimes, but when you do it feels so good. You know I'm always out here, if you ever need support, or someone to listen. *hugs*

Blairford said...

Thank you for this entry. I also have been having moments like that lately and even more so since we have been having so many snow days (I'm a high school teacher). I've been in the same type of funk but need to remember that the only person who can pull me out of it is myself. Thanks for the helpful wake up call.

Anonymous said...

I swear we are the same person. I used to be so active and then I was diagnosed with RA and I have turned into a miserable lump of nothing. Now that my meds are working I am having problems breaking out of the rut and starting to live again.