Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby wearing...

I love baby wearing!! Unfortunately my little man doesn't like it as much as me. When he was smaller he wouldn't stay in my sling at all, but as he has gotten older it has gotten better. He will now stay in it at least a good amount of time so that I can get something done. My baby is a mover and he doesn't like to be confined while he is in the sling. I usually have to try and distract him with what I am doing. I also have to talk to him and bounce him a lot b/c if I stand still he gets mad and wants out! He is very curious.

My mom made this ring sling for me. It's so easy to keep in the car and just pop it on when we go somewhere. I just love it! It's so pretty!

I just started learning how to wear him on my back. I bought 6 yards of material so that my mom could make a non-stretchy wrap from it. I love how it came out. I have tried several different back carries and I like the double hammock the best. It seems to hold him on my back better so he doesn't reach himself out of it. My mom or hubby doesn't like when I put him back there b/c it makes them nervous. I get nervous sometimes too, but once he is tied on he feels really secure on my back and I don't worry so much.


  1. I love babywearing, but Mason doesn't seem to be a HUGE fan. He's fine with it if we're moving (aka walking) but if I stop for more than two minutes, he instantly starts fussing. So it's great for going for walks but not so great for things like shopping. Considering I have 239482304 baby carriers, that really bums me out!

    Love the fabric on yours!!

  2. Babywearing is awesome. I've wore all 6 of mine :-) My 5 year old was a super active baby toddler and the sling was my sanity-saver. I actually used the Maya wrap as a leash occassionally


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