Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby stuff...

My baby boy isn't feeling well the passed few days. He has a cough and a runny nose...poor baby. It hasn't seemed to affect him too bad though. He is still really happy and plays a lot...Maybe he is a little more tired then normal, but that's about it.
He has been more vocal lately as well. He has started "singing" when he is tired instead of just crying. I love hearing his little voice and how he tries to talk to us. It is the best sound ever!!
He should be sitting up soon. His daddy plays with him on the floor a lot so they have been practicing the sitting up thing.
I have given him rice cereal a few times just to try it. He absolutely loves it. He cries when the bowl is empty and he realizes there isn't more food coming. I am still breastfeeding (and I plan to for a while) so I don't give him solid food very often.

Anyway, I just wanted to let y'all in on some things going on with baby J right now. He is growing so fast and it's hard to remember it all. I have the video camera out a lot so that I can capture his cute little moments. I am enjoying watching him learn about the world around him. I am so thankful for my little family! :)

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Unknown said...

Breast feeding.....GOOD FOR YOU!

Oh, I do miss the days I could cuddle and coo with my babies, then my grandbabies.

Now I work in the church nursery once a month so I can cuddle and coo with some one elses baby.