Sunday, September 19, 2010

The cutest tongue ever...

My little boy LOVES to stick out his tongue. He does it all the time (especially when we stick out ours at him first).

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odessa said...

how old is your little guy?
my advice is to do exactly what you're doing except DON't give him the bottle. Just pump & freeze it for now. If he does need to increase your supply it's a great way for both of you to help him learn to stay latched for longer. Even if you don't think you're letting down he is still able to get milk, I promise. If he is crying after the initial letdown he might just need to cry for a while. It happens. Just hold him lovingly & let him cry whenever he has moments of calm offer him the breast. Don't ever assume that he is hungry just because it doesn't seem like he is getting enough milk or because he is crying. My daughter would never nurse more than 5 min each side. She cried several hours a day. But she is a healthy 18 month old now still happliy nursing 5min each side. My 6 week old is a different story, he can't get enough! If you're still worried call LLL! Good luck!