Monday, August 23, 2010

My wiggle worm...

These are the pictures that they took at the hospital...

My baby is a little over a month old now. Look how much he has changed already...

We have been doing pretty well, adjusting to "life with baby". He sleeps pretty well at night and just wakes up to eat. I am having some issues with breastfeeding, but I will eventually get it...I am not giving up on that. I am not the type of person to stay home for days at a time so we are on the go a lot. It's much harder getting around with a baby in tow, but it is just something else that we have to get used to. I have to go now because he is getting fussy, but I will keep y'all updated. :)


  1. What a cutie!! I had one boy and boys have always been my favorites.
    What's his name, Mom?

  2. Yup, they certainly change your life! My baby started high school this week! It goes by fast so enjoy it!

  3. I love your creativity! And congratulations on your baby! I am a classical experimental composer/pianist. I have a blog for artists/creative types. Please visit me at


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