Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I knew that it has been a long time since I have art journaled, but I didn't think that it had been this long...

What you are looking at is my jar of gel medium. I opened it up this afternoon to actually use it and THIS is what I saw...isn't this gross?!?

My gel medium was MOLDED!! Has this ever happened to anyone before? I was in shock...I didn't know that GLUE could mold!! Did you?!?


  1. Lol, that IS gross! Funny though :) That's never happened to me but now I'm paranoid and think I should use it all before its too late :)

  2. Hey hun. I would contact the company & ask if they had a bad lot of the gel medium. Tell them what happened and see if they won't replace ya whole jar. I'm sure they will. I'm sorry this happened to ya. Please keep me posted as to how they dealt with this situation. I'm curious to know. Hugs, Poe

  3. Poe-good advice, but I can't really do this because I just kept reusing the same jar. I don't remember what brand the gel medium was. I would buy different kinds.

    I guess next time I will buy a smaller jar because I don't intend on using it as fast as I would have before.

  4. My Gesso got moldy like that too, from sitting. And that was back when I was still journaling but was starting to slow down in frequency! lol I threw it out and bought a new one...(I bet if I go open it, it's moldy too! and my Gel medium as well...Yuck!)

    There really isn't a way to stop this from happening. Once air gets to's from moisture and the darkness in the container.

  5. Thanks Ang. That's good to know. I just had never heard of that happening before!


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