Saturday, June 12, 2010

Closet cleanout...

Last weekend I cleaned out my closet. I had so many clothes that I NEVER all my "skinny" clothes. It was ridiculous the amount of clothes and shoes in my closet that were just collecting dust. So I decided it was time to get rid of them...I got like 8 bags of clothes/shoes to give away. It was crazy!!

I feel better now that my closet doesn't look so full of clutter!


  1. I just cleaned my closet out recently also...but it still looks full. I'm thinking I may not have done a good enough job, lol :)

  2. Sweet blog! Yea that is a lot of clothes! I bet it feels like a weight has been lifted! :) I too thought I cleaned my closet, but now I think I could have done a better job too lol

  3. We just did this in my son's room. We literally touched every single item in his room....we ended up with 3 bags of garbage and 1 big bag of donations...clothes, books, etc. We are now giving the room a fresh coat of paint, and will put everything back soon. Last night, he peeked in his room and said, "Mom, I can already breathe better in here." Ha.


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