Friday, April 23, 2010

The shock of the week...

Ignore the last post with all of those baby clothes...I won't be needing anything in those colors...because......


I know...are you as shocked as me? I had an ultrasound this week and the technician told me that it is a boy, not a girl!!! Thank God we had her verify the sex because I would have been up a creek (with a lot more stuff to return) if not. She said that the umbilical cord must have been between his legs for my last ultrasound. We were just in total and utter shock!! I cried on and off all day. Not because it is a boy (because it really doesn't matter either way), but because of the shock (and my hormones of course). For the passed 9 weeks (I am 28 weeks now) we have been calling her by her name and saying "she" and getting girl stuff...when ALL OF A SUDDEN we have to change our thinking. That was the hardest part. Now we have to start saying "he" and pick a new name and re-register with boy things. It was just overwhelming!

I am over the shock now and getting excited about boy stuff. I am just grateful that I had another ultrasound. If not, we would have not found out it is a boy until delivery...then there would have been some shock (a whole lot more then just crying)!! LOL


  1. Congrats!! Boys are a very special gift, and your hubby is thinkin' he won't have to get a shotgun just yet now. HA! I sure hope you know someone who is having a girl so you can give the new girly stuff to them.

  2. Congrats again! Can't wait to hear what names you come up with....

    I thought of the time when we found out in our adoption journey suddenly that it would be a boy and not a girl. It does really shock and surprise you when you set your mind/heart on one path to suddenly be moved to another...even if it's still wonderful joyous news. So I understand your emotions. (I didn't handle it quite so good but I am finally at a place of peace over the little girl I "lost") *HUGS* I am so happy for you that he's healthy so far, and you'll make the sweetest mama.

  3. Oh my goodness! That is a shock! But little boys are THE BEST, believe me. The best!!! It's gonna be great! Congrats! And thanks for sharing more journal pages! Love them!

  4. I am so happy for you! We were certain our 2nd was a girl. When we found out at the ultrasound it was a boy, I was so disappointed. I cried and ranted in the car on the way home. I went through that mind shift from girl to boy too. But of course we adore him now! I love having boys-they are so much fun! congrats again!


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