Sunday, February 14, 2010


1. I am only working in my art journal today because I am sick of wasting time on Facebook.
2. I never clean my house.
After all this time, I still wish that I had my piercings.

4. I don't cook.
5. I am a very selfish person.
6. If I forget to put on my watch or rings in the morning, I feel like my day is ruined.
7. If I didn't have to, I would never get dressed (I love my pj's).
8. Sometimes I would rather talk to my internet friends than my real friends.
9. I am addicted to the internet.
10. I would love a tatoo, but I'm too indecisive to choose what kind.

There are some of my (G-rated) confessions for today...what are yours? I dare you to share them!! LOL


Retro Girl said...

Enjoy all of that now!! LOl...Just sayin'!!!

I've wanted another tattoo---a little canadian maple leaf, but just have never gotten around to it. Maybe even a little Korean flag too...but who knows if/when...

Confessions? Hmmm
I had my tongue pierced in 1998. I stopped wearing it about 5-6 years ago. Sometimes I miss it. Most times I'd rather have a teeny nose stud. But I'm a bit chicken to go do it.

Tery Lynne said...

Love it! I agree and relate to numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

I wrote a little something about your blog in my blog today :)