Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're back...

Hey guys! We are back from our camping trip. pictures. My camera battery died about an hour into the trip so I didn't even get to use it...that's what I get for not being prepared. LOL
Anyway...we had a good time. We didn't really do much though. Just lots of relaxing with my aunts while the guys were all out riding the 4-wheelers and such. My allergies were outrageous though. My aunt has a dog and (as you know) I'm allergic to animals so I was a little bit miserable, but just a little bit. I am a glutton for punishment I guess though because I keep going back camping with them. The first day my allergies weren't so bad. The second day, I took a Benedryl and slept all day long. Yesterday was the worst...It was getting hard for me to breathe (my asthma was kicking in because of the allergy). We ended up leaving last night instead of this morning because of my breathing. Oh well, I'm kinda glad that we left early though because we were able to just relax all day today instead of driving home and stuff.
I'm sorry for all of this rambling on and on about nothing. That's just how my brain works sometimes. Today we need to do some laundry and I plan on putting up the Christmas Tree. Yay!! I can't wait. I love this time of year. I will have pictures of that though. LOL
Have a good, creative day everyone!!!

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