Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hey everyone! I just thought I would get you a little caught up with my life...all I'm doing is: working, eating, sleeping, I'm pregnant, working, eating...wait a minute...YES, you read that right...I'M PREGNANT!!! I can't believe it myself. I found out a couple of weeks ago. I am only about 7 weeks and I haven't been to my actual OB appointment yet, but I plan on going next week. My regular doctor told me that my due date is June 30. I am still a little in shock!! If you know anything about me then you would know that I had a complete aversion to having a baby. I never really wanted one, but I figured that it was now or never. I don't think I would have ever had that feeling of actually wanting a child so I just did it. I got pregnant. I know that I am going to love it and not regret having one so my hubby and I talked about it and I said why not?!?
Everyone is super excited. We haven't had a baby in the family for a while and they said that it was about time there's another baby around.
I will let y'all know more about things whenever I find out more. LOL Have a great day! Create something fun!!!


Julie Prichard said...

WOW April- let me be the first to say congratulations to you and your husband!! LOL I remember a few weeks ago you were complaining about being so tired...and now viola! Congratulations again and best wishes!!

(My word verification is "mancult" will be having a boy.)

Retro Girl said...

I'm so happy for you!! *Hugs*
Maybe the baby will come early and be on my b-day June 20th! lol :-)

Sharon said...

Well, now I know why you have been bushed and not thinking about your art as much. Congrats to you and you hubby. Ooohhh another little artist in the works!! Sharon

tami said...

how entirely exciting!! Congratulations - having a child is a truly wonderful creative adventure!

Anon said...

So exciting!!! congratulations :)

it must be baby season, lol, my brothers fiance is pregnant too, she's due on July 15th.

You'll make an excellent mummy!! :)


Heidi said...

Congratulations, Apple!!! That is fantastic news--I am so excited for you and your husband! You will be a great mother and I can't wait to see the little babe next year! :)


YourWordsAreMyWeakness said...

I've been meaning to poke in here and tell you congratulations!

My pregnancy was quite the enjoyable experience. I hope yours is the same. And I hope to still see art from you.

I think that's the one thing I *do* regret about my pregnancy - the lack of art during it. The lack of recording of it in general. Life moves too fast.


Anyway, take good care of yourself.